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About VitalydTV

If you have been online all the time, perhaps, you are familiar with Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. He is renowned as of his signature viral pranks. With more than 7.6 million of subscribers and more than 840 million views on Vitaly’s YouTube channel called VitalydTV, he has reinvented the scene with regards to online pranking, he turns a viral pastime into a lucrative business.

Vitaly is a twenty tthree year old from Russia, but living in LA at present. The EDVT spent days with the growing star sometimes in October to assist get a peek inside his daily life. The same as his character in videos, Vitaly is an outgoing and friendly gentleman, constantly cracking quips and jokes to his friends and to people surround him.
He portrayed his like with a smile as relatively boring, portraying his everyday habit as waking up early in the morning, drinking coffee, exercising and sitting on Facebook. He credits himself with beginning “pranks in the hood”; Vitaly claims he started the idea of carrying out pranks in places where the responses were more possible to result to aggression than in typical locations.
While Vitaly has yet to get a punch to her face from one of his high Jinks, he admits that the” Vitaly Gets Knocked Out” will be a good title or headline on YouTube. Vitaly was fast to jokingly praise his blue eye for the fact he is yet to get a punch. Something that a lot of people may not know about him is the fact that he abbreviated his own video even since day one. What is more, he often video pranks for a good friend or fellow prankster.
The prank which really got him renowned and presented him to YouTube monetization was the famous Miami Zombie prank this was released sometime in June 2012. The frightening, yet very funny prank at present has roughly 30 million video views, which make this video the fourth most viewed of all time. Other signature pranks take account of exploiting gold diggers, picking up girls as well as running on the football field during the World Cup in Brazil.
Whilst pranking has turned out to be a source of income for him, Vitaly admits the number of pranksters who have come the space happen to be uninspiring. Consequently, vitally found a remarkable means to expand outside the room with a film he is working at present with a title Natural Born Pranksters, starring Dennis Roady, Atwood and himself.

He hopes the film will assist change him from being a YouTube sensation to be an actor, as he is interested in getting into comedy and acting as well. Since October last year, he has released another prank, the Chainsaw Massacre prank, this is a Halloween crime story which has gained more than 32 million video views. You can visit his YouTube channel VitalyzdTV or his website for more videos. 



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