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Silicone Nuts for Pranks and Gifts

Pulling funny pranks on unsuspecting people has been a growing trend among TV shows, and Bad Grandpa is one of the most popular characters in this role. Over the years, the character has been featured in numerous scenes in the Jackass series as well as the latest movie based solely on his character. We all know from this show that a great prank is one that makes the audience feel his pain or get disgusted so much that they cringe, close their eyes and most importantly hold their balls in shock. This is exactly what our silicone nuts give you; the ability to create some of the most cringe-worthy pranks with great realness.

From the Bad Grandpa movie, you can be able to appreciate the importance of realness in the success of the gags the pranksters pull. To create a real looking grandpa meant spending up to three hours with the makeup artists. With our fake nuts, you will not have to spend the same amount of time in preparation as they are ready to go. Most importantly, these realistic balls will definitely give some authenticity to all your pranks given that they are the closest thing to real balls you can get.

If you fancy some ballsy pranks why not get a pair of fake nuts from SiliconeNuts.com. We sell all types of fake nuts including the hairy and smooth varieties! This will give you the opportunity to pull some amazing stunts with a great degree of realness. You can be able to walk around with the huge realistic nuts hanging down from your shorts and see just how the public reacts; or get them caught in something that would be excruciatingly painful if it was to occur in real life. Whichever way you look at it, the potential is only influenced by your creativity.

The Bad Grandpa character has definitely pulled some very interesting and funny pranks over the years, but you can get to launch yourself into the same realm by coming up with one of the most interesting pranks using our fake nuts. In this day where everyone is armed with a camera on their smartphone and media sharing has been reduced to a simple click or tap; making viral videos from creative pranks is not inconceivable.

At SiliconeNuts.com, we stock a variety of silicone balls for different purposes you can bet that you will find balls designed for pranks as well as some great and ballsy gift items. Just browse our stock and find the right item as per your needs. And remember that all donations made to the website go to the Testicular Cancer Society, a just cause where balls are involved!