Brian Redban


Brian Redban Enjoys Silicone Nuts fake balls


Brian Redban and his dog have some big balls!



Known as a comedian that will surely make you giggle until you are in tears, Brian Redban is one of the many people who love and enjoy the products of Silicone Nuts. As Joe Rogan Experience co-host, he is one of the most influential people in the field of podcasts. He hosts Deathsquad, a podcast that you should not miss. If you still have not heard any of the podcasts he hosts, you should visit it now and see his hilarity and forget your worries for a while. His belief in the products of Silicone Nuts does not make him nuts, but it puts the company in a good light. Take his word for it – you will also have a reason to like Silicone Nuts.

Professional Life of Brian Redban

Born on August 4, 1974, Brian Redban first worked in a computer and video game shop. Before he gained reputation as one of the most hilarious comedians, he first worked as the videographer of Joe Rogan. From such time, his videos went viral, with one of the most notable being the Carlos Mencia vs. Joe Rogan clip. This has introduced him to the comedy industry, and he soon found himself being a co-host Joe Reagan Experience. In 2006, he established Deathsquad. Through the years, he has made a name for himself, and he is especially known for his pornographic jokes. Because of the nature of his comedy, there are many people who does not seem to appreciate his jokes. Nonetheless, his select target audience have nothing but good words to share with regards to his comedic skits, making him incomparable with anyone.

Why He Loved Silicone Nuts

In several instances in the past, Brian Redban has used Silicone Nuts in his skits. He once posted a picture of himself wearing fake hairy balls, which has truly made social media abuzz with hilarity. In his podcasts, Silicone Nuts have been also featured several times, which is, in fact, a testament of how he loved the product.

By the way, what is Silicone Nuts? If you have not yet seen it from Brian Redban, as the name implies, it is essentially nuts made from silicone. It looks very real, especially when you have it touched. Some people may find it gross, but for most, it is hilarious and will make a nice prop for a prank. You will have several choices. You can opt for a hairy or smooth nuts, depending on what you like. It is also available in the form of a key chain, which will make people really go nuts when they see it wherever you are. Like Brian Redban, you will surely enjoy Silicone Nuts because of their excellent quality and realistic appeal.