Christmas Gag Gifts

Christmas Gag Gifts

Christmas season is upon us! ‘tis the season to be jolly and spread holiday cheer! What better way to spread holiday cheer than with Christmas gifts. And as for all you mischievous people out there, what’s more mirthful than pulling a prank on an unsuspecting friend, family-friend, or co-worker, (in good humor of course!) in this holiday season? Hark now hear all ye pranksters, for word is that the most demanded gag gift in town one that generates the most amount of ‘aah’s (or in some cases, ‘ooh’s!) among the pranked and those observing the prank is nothing but the ‘ol fake ballsack. Yes, the old scrotal gag is still all the rave!

Gag gifts are novelty gifts intended to generate laughs and playfully annoy someone in the process. They make us realize the importance of humor and allow us to be light-hearted in situations, which would otherwise be disturbing truly a weird juxtaposition of events! They are intended to help us take ourselves (or in most cases, someone else) a little less seriously than usual, all in the name of harmless fun. Undoubtedly, gag gifts are a favorite by members of all ages… as long as they’re not on the receiving end!

From gifts that serve as receptacles of playfully rude gestures to those which are tailored to instigate subtle cries of surprise, gag gifts of all sorts are popular items during the Christmas season. Pranksters can benefit from the usual exchange of Christmas gifts that would grant them the benefit of concealment that camouflages their mischievous gag gifts from an unsuspecting recipient. What else could a prankster possibly ask?

Fake ballsacks you’ve read articles about it (re: Bro Bible) and you’ve seen it on YouTube (Twinz TV, World Star Hip Hop, Jack Vale Films, Cody Roeder, et al.). You’ve heard of Blue Balls, Bauballs, and Scrote ‘N’ Tote. In fact, there is an entire community dedicated to pulling pranks that feature, among other devices, fake ballsacks on unsuspecting targets, all in the name of harmless mischief or to raise awareness for a cause. So now is your chance to orchestrate your own prank with the ultimate gag gift-Christmas gift hybrid the fake ballsack.

This Christmas, be known for the daring prankster that you are! Let your friends and family know of your perky ways through a classic fake ballsack prank.
(Remember to always be practical in your pranking. Don’t go prank your boss if he doesn’t usually laugh at your subtle jokes in office. Definitely, don’t prank him if he is on your case!)