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Deez Nuts Would Be a More Awesome President than Donald Trump

We were thinking about making this post a Deez Nuts vs. Donald Trump one but Deez Nuts is just too awesome we can’t make Trump win against the Nuts! Who would have thought that a teenage boy from a quiet little town in Iowa would make such huge noise that his hometown of Wallingford with barely 500 residents would be placed on the map? Deez Nuts sadly is a satirical politician. It would be so cool if our president would introduce himself in some world conference as “Yo, I’m Deez Nuts!” Sadly, he isn’t even 18 but his thoughts are as good as a highly experienced 60-year old politician.

Donald Trump has “great” hair. That’s basically 90% of what we like about him. Nah… He has a pretty nice slogan: Make America Great Again! We think America is still great though, and we love living here. Yes, there might be problems here and there but that’s a given in any other country. We’re pretty lucky that we still belong to a nation that’s cool enough to have a teenage kid Deez Nuts!

We all know the Trump as the Miss Universe dude, the man with apprentices and who has gained popularity because of that TV show, a huge number of businesses and quite a good platform too. With all that money that Donald Trump has, we know for sure that his website is so much better that the Deez Nuts politician website though that’s beside the point because the more important factor is their platform. Trump’s positions range from tax reform, second amendment rights and the immigration reform. Deez Nuts has a longer list, and we would have to more on to a whole new paragraph for that.

The simple but responsive website design of Deez Nuts is a little bare and lacks color, but we love how he has a lot to say about his plans when he becomes president. Illegal immigration, federal budget and government spending, abortion and same-sex marriage, foreign policy, energy, the economy and territorial voting rights are only some of the things he will be focusing on. Though we don’t exactly agree with every single thing that these Nuts would say, we prefer more plans than just three plans considering you’ve got decades of experience.

If Donald Trump has become incredibly rich throughout the years, and some Americans think that his success can be applied to the country as well, it is important to know that Trump was born rich. He inherited the business he is running, and though he might be cool enough to be a great business giant, this still doesn’t compare to an “I started from scratch and here I am” story. Much like Deez Nuts who was practically an unknown little person in a little town that not a lot of people have heard about, he was able to take America by storm!

We hope that Donald Trump does something more awesome than just combing his hair, though. With a Deez Nuts out there making us realize that even a kid can manage to think of ways in improving the country, then if everyone becomes aware, and we all work together, then America can indeed be a greater place.