prankkits and silicone nuts

Of course, the website doesn’t just offer this. As we mentioned above, it has a few different options that are inspired by some of the most famous pranks carried out on the streets. You will most definitely find whatever it is that you are looking for on the website and be able to skillfully execute interesting pranks on your own. While the fake testicles are a great choice, to begin with, there are other solutions that you might want to look into. This is going to ensure that your pranks are handled as per the highest industry standards and that everything is flawless

PrankKits – Ridiculously Fun Things to Do

While it’s true that there are quite a lot of different ways to make fun of someone and to joke around, using convenient and specialized prankkits is without a doubt amongst the most effective ones. This is going to provide you with the opportunity to use previously created specialized tools in order to conduct clever and witty pranks, which could be filmed or simply enjoyed. After all, we all do love a great joke, don’t we? This is the main intention of The website offers a range of different prankkits which are going to provide you with the opportunity to have fun on the go and put other people in amusing situations. From fake spiders to fake testicles, you can find a few different things that might strike you as appealing. 

Fake Testicles Prank

This is something which became particularly popular on YouTube, and it’s a prank that provides you with a lot of different opportunities for making fun with other people. Right off the bat, this includes a part of artificial and saggy fake testicles which are attached to your shorts or jeans in order to resemble real ones. The product is so conveniently crafted that it’s rather hard to determine that they aren’t real.

Furthermore, they truly do feel real even upon touching, which is additionally attributing for the convenience and effectiveness of the prank. Once you have the fake testicles attached, you have to sneak up to someone without him or her noticing that your testicles are actually hanging from your pants. This is considered absolutely unacceptable, and it’s going to freak people out as quickly as you can imagine. What is more, this prank is even better if executed at different locations such as in the park, in the gym or while you are casually walking downtown.