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Several Cases When People Used Truck Nutz for Vehicle Decor

Do you know what a pair of truck nuts is? This is a kind of accessory that becomes trend in the US recently. It is like a pair of artificial testicles that many people buy it and hang it behind their trucks. However, there is also a truck nutz shaped like a sticker and you can stick it on the body of your car. However, it is considered as illegal thing in the US. Since we can see there were many so many cases where people got the tickets because they had a pair of truck nuts on their vehicle. In this article, we would like to share with you about some cases of the people who used truck nutz as the decoration of their vehicle until finally they got caught by the police.


Pick-up Truck Driver Got Arrested

This incident was weird for some people because a police officer has arrested a pick-up truck driver because there was a pair of "truck nutz". It happened in South Carolina, on Sunday night. The man named Joe Cervantes-Rodriguez of about 31 years old was arrested because had a pair of "truck nuts" behind his pick-up truck. At first, police saw a strange object behind the truck until the police finally asked him to stop. According to police, it was striking that people could see it clearly. According to the law in force in South Carolina, the people are forbidden to show pictures or objects that are obscene in public. In the end, Joe Cervantes-Rodriguez removed the truck nutz from his vehicle, but he still got caught by the fact that he drove without a valid driver's license. He was detained for one night, and then he was released on parole. He was not allowed to put a “truck nutz” anymore in the vehicle.

A Woman Got a Ticket

The same thing happened to a woman named Virginia Tice about 65 years old. At that time, she went to the gas station and there was a pair of "truck nutz" or a pair of fake testicles dangling behind her truck. Then a police officer came to her, and asked her to get rid of that fake testicles. But she refused to remove it, so the police gave her a ticket and she had to pay a fine of $ 445 for having violated the law by putting up a “truck nutz” on her vehicle. According to applicable law, a person was prohibited from displaying something pornographic, depiction of a part human body, and displaying truck nuts stickers. She still took it to the court because she did not get justice. However, although she took it to the court, the law was still the law that had been made in accordance with the collective agreement and in the end she could not deny that she was wrong according to the law, but she was true to many people who did not like to the applicable law.

Truck Nutz is Offensive

Is a “Truck nutz” really offensive? This is strange because it is just a pair of fake testicles which are made of plastic. Everyone has a right to put a pair of truck nuts on the back of their vehicle as a garnish. In fact, by putting on a pair of truck nuts could demonstrate the virility of a person. Someone also says, "these truck nuts give me power". However, what can you do when the state regulations consider the truck nuts as something vulgar and banned. Of course, we have to obey the regulations made. The police officers say that all the things that display pornography and vulgar picture are prohibited. In fact, we can see out there, there are so many things that show pornographic images such as in magazines but they never ban them. Even the pornographic images are more vulgar than the truck nuts. If we can judge, not all of the people realize that a “truck nutz” is like a testicle. People's views on the shape of truck nuts which are like a pair of testicles are not the same. So, why do they include truck nuts as illegal things? Some kids who see these things behind a truck may never think that those are the shape of fake testicle, unless they see those closer. Even some adults do not realize that the truck nuts are similar to human genitals. It may just be a reason of the officer so that he can give a ticket to you and finally you pay the fine.

The truth is that even though the truck nuts are illegal and prohibited in the US, there are so many people who use the truck nuts to decorate their vehicles until now. They do not care about the law because they know that the law really does not make sense. In the end, there were so many similar cases where police officers arrested several people who used the truck nutz on their trucks. Suppose you are among those who use the truck nutz to make your truck look cool, and if the police officers arrest you, then you should not be afraid to argue. The more people think that this law is unbelievable, then it will allow the government to change the law so that you are free to use the accessories of the truck nuts on your vehicle.


In summary, truck nuts are indeed just accessories to decorate any vehicles according to the users. The people who use the truck nutz have some reasons why they choose them as their truck decoration. Some people think that the truck nutz will make them look manly. That is alright, the people have right to say that. Some people also say that the truck nuts give them power. It really does not matter whatever their reasons are, the other people will not care about it. However, you must be careful to the police officers if you want to use the truck nutz because they really care about your truck nutz.