Vitaly Uses Silicone Nuts for Prank

Vitaly is popular among people who love watching prank videos on YouTube. And even if you don’t like watching pranks, you might have stumbled upon one of his videos that have gone viral. With more than 8 million subscribers and almost a billion views on his YouTube channel VitalyzdTV, he has managed to bring online pranking to the next level.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy was born in Russian and has been living in California since he moved there with his mom when he was 17 years old. He has managed to turn his hobby into a full-time business and has even landed him a part in the movie Natural Born Pranksters with fellow YouTube sensations Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady. He is also known as Nutaly because of his love for Nutella.

Just like what you see in his prank videos, Vitaly is an outgoing guy who loves cracking jokes. He describes his daily life to be boring. It is filming pranks that give spice to his life. He loves doing the videos and even edits them himself. He has been doing so since the first video uploaded on his YouTube channel.

VitalyzdTV’s first successful video is Miami Zombie Attack Prank, where Vitaly went to the hoods of Miami dressed as a zombie. Since it was uploaded two years ago, it has already generated more than 30 million views.

In 2012, VitalyzdTV has only around 100,000 subscribers. But the number of subscribers blew up after Vitaly made Russian Hitman Prank. During the filming in Boca Raton, a man got angry with Vitaly and his cameraman and attacked them. He also called the police who arrested the pranksters for threatening to detonate a bomb. Because of the publicity from his arrest, more people became curious about the Russian prankster and subscribed to his YouTube channel.

Vitaly also gained global notoriety when he ran onto the pitch during the 2014 World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany. He had Natural Born Pranksters written across his body and tried to kiss Benedikt Howedes, the German defender. He was arrested but was released after posting bail.

When you browse through the videos in VitalyzdTV, there are looks of videos on how to pick up girls. The topic is one of the most popular ones among his videos with millions of views combined. Other popular pranks on his videos involve exploiting gold diggers and doing pranks in the hood.

In one of his videos, Vitaly used silicone nuts to prank people in the streets. The nuts really looked real, and the reactions of the crowd are priceless. People must be wondering why the crazy Russian is exposing his nuts to the world. If you want to prank your friends, you can get silicone nuts from