Fake Poop

Fake Poop
Fake Poop – Old But Gold

There are some things that never seize to be funny, regardless of how popular and commercial they are. Well, it’s safe to say that fake doo doo is without a doubt one of these things. No matter how old you are, no matter if you are a man or a woman – fake poop is definitely still one of the best ways to prank someone. It’s also a great way to make the best out of any situation, and you can use it as a joke gift to your friends in order to break the party tension with a clever surprise. Watch the expression of your friend’s face when you gift him the prank poop. If you manage to capture it on video, it would be even more awesome.

Phony Poop Has a Lot of Applications

Whether the one you want to prank has a domestic pet or not, fake poop is without a doubt something that’s going to catch him off guard. This is due to the fact that these silicone based toys are incredibly realistic and unless you look closer and understand that it doesn’t really smell – you can’t make the difference. This is what our products specialize in – perfect deception! However, you can place it on the floor in the kitchen or worse – under the sheets of your master bed. Of course, if you want to prank your family member inside the house you have to have an actual pet, otherwise the joke is rather doomed.

However, if you want to pull out the best outside prank – fake doo doo might be one of your best solutions. And the best thing is that having a pet is not a requirement as every animal could have done it. Simply place the phony poop at a location where your target won’t anticipate it, sit back and enjoy the expression of genuine gross on his face. That’s something that can’t be bought with money.

Fake Poop Made out of Quality Silicone

The product that we stand to offer is made out of quality silicone, and it’s as realistic as it gets. The only way for your target to understand that it’s not real is to touch it or to smell it. Otherwise, you really can’t make the difference. The prank poop that we offer is capable of helping you pull out the ultimate jokes as it’s incredibly detailed and it’s capable of deceiving everyone without an effort. That’s what we try to achieve, and it’s safe to say that this fake poop has definitely reached its designation. 

$ 4.99